Saturday Event….plus Thur & Fri

We recently told you about adding Thursday’s from 4-6 PM as another time to prep for our Saturday event.  What a difference those added two hours made!  On Friday we started with a few volunteers, and then people came and went throughout the morning.  Two of the three bags we fill for each family were filled to the brim!  Saturday was amazing!  The variety of fresh foods was awesome; mangoes, peaches, golden melons, apples,  and cabbages, along with three bags of non-perishables!

The hot meal we served was a BIG hit, with many coming back for seconds!
Then the gifts!  It was so much fun!  Everyone there, kids and adults, got to choose an item.  “Thank you” to all who donated the sunscreen, hats, shoes, soap, laundry detergent, mini chalk boards, sidewalk chalk, and school supplies!
Many of those coming for food also helped out and that was the best way to get things done!  It is truly a community event!
We also had an enjoyable time as we prayed together and several shared answers to prayers from the previous month.  “Thank you” to all of you who filled out prayer cards!  We continue to pray for those requests during the following month.
It all ran so smoothly this month, one of the best events in the past 15 years!  So much peace, and people helping one another, showing appreciation, and giving hugs on their way out!  God’s love spread around— Summer Sweetness!


New day and time to help

We are pleased to announce that we have added another time/opportunity for volunteers!  Starting this month, the Thursday prior to the Saturday event, from
4-6 PM will be available for those who have told us they could help after work, and for any others who might like to join us!  We will do some set-up; open bags, put food into bags, set up tables and chairs, etc., based on the number of volunteers we have.

Having a jumpstart to the Friday truck delivery and bag filling will be a huge help!
We will still need help on Fridays from 8:30 AM until noon, and then again, for the event on Saturday from 8:30 AM until noon.
Please consider joining us for as many prep/serving times as you can!
Thank you for being a part of sharing Jesus’ love!

We needed help and God answers!

Last time we wrote we were asking for help for the Friday before our Saturday event.  Fridays are when we have food delivered, so we have a lot to carry in off the truck, along with preparing the bags of groceries for the following day.  Our regular Friday team has been greatly reduced in number than what we’ve been used to, so we have been praying for more help!  We shouldn’t be surprised when God answers our prayers, but we WERE happily surprised with the many WAYS He did it!   We will share some of those answers right now…
On Friday morning,  David, an older gentleman in his 80’s, showed up a little after 8:30.  When I (Scott) greeted him I said, “You are on the wrong day, groceries are tomorrow.”  He replied, “No, I’ve been getting help for a long time and I’m here to give back.”  And he sure did!  He worked circles around some in their 20’s!  He came back on Saturday and had a big smile, saying he had fun yesterday and will be back every Friday!
On Saturday morning, when I(Judy) started making coffee, I saw my cousin, Britney, waiting outside and I opened the door and called for her to help.  A young man in his 20’s offered to help, as well. Before leaving he said he would come on Friday and Saturday, next month, to lend a hand!   Britney helped organize and manage the fruits and veggies.   More of our regular helpers came, but we were still short of help.  Scott talked to Sonny about it, and in his booming voice, Sonny shouted, “Hey!  Anyone want to help?”  Many responded, helping sort and bag 30 cases of peaches! Most had never helped us before and were excited to be involved.   Some comments were:  “I didn’t think we could help”, “Now we know for next time”, “Thanks for letting us help, we thought it was all taken care of”.
Part of our regular team members include Sonny, our head chef, and Laurie who greets and helps people sign in.  On Saturday, Sonny and Laurie  were needed to pray with a couple folks, and it was great to see Rory jump in and help serve hotdogs in Sonny’s absence, and Judy and her cousin Nancy  fill in at the sign-in table!  Nancy, though it was her first time helping, even handled the sign-ins on her own when Judy was needed elsewhere!
Scott, on the other hand was trying to multi-task!  When it looked like things were running smoothly, he decided to help with distributing groceries.  The next in line was a group of two.  He talked to them and sent them to get their vehicle while he went to get their groceries, saying he’d meet them out front.  On his way back to get their groceries, one of the helpers told him they needed more chicken, so he showed them where the extra chicken was kept and where to take it.  He then went back to the front table to get another person’s name to give groceries to.  When he headed outside with the one set of groceries, he noticed the two people he had sent out to get their car, and they shouted, “We’re over here!”.   He had to tell them the set he brought out was for another person, and then had to head back to get theirs, telling them, “I’ll be right back!”  AND feeling surprised he’d done that!    They all started chuckling!  But they were very understanding and all turned out just fine!
We finished the morning scurrying to get things cleaned up as another group, who had rented the facility, were arriving to set up for their event!  More people pitched in to help getting groceries out to people, cleaning tables, putting things away, etc.  Whew!  We were done!
Meanwhile, at Castelar Elementary, when our team showed up with the food,  their vehicles were swarmed with people willing to help unload and set up!  That was the first time others jumped in to help the team!
So, there you have it!  Several ways God answered our prayers!  We appreciate all of those who help us from time to time, or every month— on Fridays and/or Saturdays!  There is ALWAYS a need for more help and never too many helpers!   We especially need more hands on deck the Friday before the event from 8:30 AM to Noon.  Saturday help is needed for the same time frame as Friday.  If you can come all morning, or for even part of that time, you will lighten the load, be blessed, and BE a blessing!
Thank you, again, for being part of His team!